1. Why Lil’ Milk Monsters?

Every design and fabric Lil Milk Monster Covers incorporate are thoughtfully selected. To ensure high quality and consistency, fabrics are hand cut & sewn locally in Singapore and are also designed for versatility.

Our covers are also easy to use, strap and buckle free. It provides 360 coverage to ensure your privacy and comfort during your breastfeeding sessions.

2. What are your covers made of?

They are primarily made of rayon blends or cotton blends.

3. What is the difference between your rayon range covers and cotton lycra range covers?

Rayon range covers are luxuriously soft, lightweight and very breathable. It is the perfect cover to use in the humid climates of Singapore. To cater to cooler climates, we have our Cotton Lyrca Spandex range.

This range works perfect for cold air-conditioning places, airplane or when you’re travelling. It is also suitable for exclusive pumping mummies who pump on the go or in offices.

4. I am a plus size mum. Can your cover fit me?

Yes! Our covers is a one size fit all, specially designed with love to fit all body shapes and sizes.

5. How do I care for my product?

Hand wash is preferred. Alternatively, place it in the washing machine in delicate cycle. Lay flat to dry. Read more on Care Instructions.

6. How soon can I receive my order upon payment?

We strive to mail out our parcels within 1-2 working days after the receipt of your order.

7. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. Do key in your address for postage fees computation. If you are unable to obtain a shipping fee, do email us at lilmilkmonsters@gmail.com