Do I need a nursing cover?

Do I need a nursing cover?

Many new mums often question if a nursing cover is a need or want.

Here's some guidelines to help you decide if you really need a nursing cover: 

1. Do you intend to nurse in public? 
If your answer is yes, you will typically need a nursing cover to prevent peek-a-boo moments or unwanted awkward moments- picture yourself in a restaurant nursing your hungry lil' milk monster without a cover or shield. If your little one fusses and turns his/head away from your boobs, you may experience a brief peekaboo moment.

2. Is there a nursing room in your office?
When breastfeeding mummies return to work, they have to continue to express breastmilk at regular intervals during their time away from their lil' milk monsters in order to upkeep their supply as well as to prevent blocked ducts (ouch!).

Lucky you - If there is a proper nursing room in your workplace, which is easily accessible, conducive and clean. If that is the case, you may not need a cover for your regular pumps at work.

However, if such facility is absent, or difficult to access, you may want to consider investing in a cover to allow you to pump discreetly at your desk. A full coverage cover will also keep you warm while you express at work.

3. Are you ready to nurse in public without any coverage?
Some mummies are open and ready to nurse without any coverage (i.e. unbutton their nursing top and nurse directly). Whereas, some mummies have some reservations about nursing in the open. Some husbands may also raise concerns about their wives showing too much in public.

If that is the case, a nursing cover might come in handy, to allow you to nurse in greater comfort and less fears of showing too much. 

4. Do you frequent places with nursing room facilities?
Most malls in Singapore are equipped with nursing room facilities. However you may encounter situations where there is a long queue outside the room or that room may not be in the best condition for you to nurse comfortably.

In these scenarios, it will be handy to have a nursing cover in your diaper bag, for you to proceed to a less crowded place in a mall to nurse discreetly with the cover on. 

In conclusion,
We hope these pointers have helped you in deciding where a nursing cover is a must-have for you. If you intend to latch your baby directly and is one who want to enjoy the convenience of nursing on the go, yet you do not want to compromise on your privacy, a cover will definitely come in handy.

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